shazam costume
26 Jun

Yellow lighting striking in the dark, that’s Black Adam.

Black Adam is a fictional supervillain and occasional antihero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character is an adversary of the superhero Captain Marvel, also known as Shazam. Additionally, Adam’s senses are acutely sharpened, as he claimed to be able to smell Felix Faust’s sweat. Black Adam has repeatedly been described as a warrior who had proven himself to be highly skilled even before he was given the power of Shazam.


He has recently acquired the Power of the Goddess Isis, making him stronger than ever. When Black Adam utters the magic word he not only gains his usual powers but all of his original powers are greater in strength because of the extra power he gains from Isis. The Power of Isis should also grant him control of nature and telekinesis, although he has not shown these abilities.
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Saying the magic word again initially changes Black Adam back into Theo Adam, although when the Spectre strips him of his powers during the Black Vengeance affair, he reverts to Teth Adam, the ancient Khandaqi warrior who was Mighty Adam. Say the magic word, and you will become as strong and powerful!

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