Is this for real?
Absolutely. We are a market research agency that provides market feedback to skin and beauty-care companies. Our clients hire us to help them make better products and smarter marketing decisions. Our success depends on having a quality group of diverse panelists so we treat them well by paying them quickly in cash for their survey participation.

What are you trying to sell me?
Nothing at all. We only want your opinion and are willing to pay you cash and free samples for it. We don’t require you to register for offers. We don’t try to sell you things based on your answers. We don’t share your contact info to other companies for them to sell to you. We make money by telling our clients in the skin and beauty-care industry what you think. Nothing more.

Do I ever have to pay anything to participate?
We will never ask you for money or try to sell you anything.

Do I get offers based on how I answer surveys?
No, we only want to hear your answers so we can help our clients better understand skin-care consumers.

Do I have to jump through hoops to get paid?
No. Answer a survey and get a check in the mail a few weeks later. No hoops involved.

What do I have to do?
Sign-up at www.betatestbeauty.com and provide your background and skin type (about 5 minutes). We’ll send you an email notification whenever a client needs a survey from someone with your background or skin type. Most research is conducted by logging into your account on our site to take a web survey.

How often do I get surveys?
It depends on how often skin-care marketers need responses from someone with your background or skin type. It may be once a month or every six months.

How much do I get paid per survey?
We generally pay $10-50 US dollars per survey completion, paid by check.

How often do I get free product samples?
If the survey requires you to try a product sample we will mail you that sample for free. About half of our surveys require product samples.

Can I tell my friends to join Beta Test Beauty?
Why yes, we’re glad you asked. They can sign-up by visiting www.betatestbeauty.com

Can I join if I live outside the US or Canada?
Yes, but you may not receive many survey requests since most of our research is focused on US beauty-care consumers.

Are the products I’m asked to try safe?
Yes, we only ask you to sample products that are developed enough to be sold in retail stores.