How many respondents will I need?
Beta Test Beauty will conduct a sample size analysis to determine this for you.

How does your pricing work?
All projects have a $1000 set-up fee and then you only pay for each respondent who completes your survey. The price per completion depends on the length of your survey and what kind of respondent sample you need. If you want us to send out product samples there is an additional fulfillment charge. The price we quote will generally include the incentive for participating panelists.

How long does it take to get results back?
About two weeks, but we can occasionally rush projects that are more urgent.

What kind of reporting do I get?
Beta Test Beauty provides you with a PPT report that is hand-made by a market researcher. We also send you crosstabs and raw data. See a sample report.

What do I do and what does Beta Test Beauty do?
Your responsibilities: Tell us what kind of respondents you want, write your survey, provide product samples (optional).
Our responsibilities: Provide sampling guidance, program and distribute your survey to panelists, send out product samples (optional), analyze the data and send you a report, provide the response incentive to panelists.

How does the incentive work for respondents?
The respondent incentive is generally included in the cost of research. Beta Test Beauty pays panelists cash for each survey they answer. The cash reward is commensurate to the survey length.

How do you manage the quality of your panel?
We profile them on many skin type factors and purchase behaviors
We limit the number of surveys respondents receive
We purge straight-line clickers
We double-screen all panelists
We eliminate panelists who speed through surveys