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Earn cash and free samples for your
opinion on the latest skin-care products

The biggest names in skin care want to pay you cash to answer skin-care surveys and sample their new products, some of which cost hundreds of dollars in exclusive boutiques. Here are the facts about Beta Test Beauty:
We are an opinion research agency and don’t want to sell you anything
We generally pay $10-50 per survey and give you free beauty products, no strings attached
We don’t share your contact information with anyone
We never ask you for money, membership is totally free
You can decline any survey or quit whenever you want
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Beta Test Beauty is a research service designed especially for skin-care marketers. You can survey our panel of tens of thousands of skin-care consumers who have each provided a detailed profile of their skin type and beauty-care purchase behaviors.

We’ve also built a powerful online survey tool that lets us conduct research quickly for you. Very often we can send you a detailed research report within 1-2 weeks.

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