Princess Leia
12 May

Maybe you don’t know her, but before you were born, she is the fantasy of every kid’s dream.

Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. Leia is the princess of the planet Alderaan, a member of the Imperial Senate and an agent of the Rebel Alliance. You remember when Rachel tries to impress Ross, in order to achieve his fantasy, she dresses up as Princess Leia, that episode became a hit back then. Now we know how famous, attractive Princess Leia would be, but do you really know her?

Princess Leia

She thwarts the sinister Sith Lord Darth Vader and helps bring about the destruction of the Empire’s cataclysmic superweapon, the Death Star. Now the daughter has become Luke, Mark Hamill’s character. You love her don’t you, anyway, I do. If you are into her, or one of your female friends is a fan of Star Wars too, you should get some custom Costumes with her picture on it, like the best gift ever to give. Go and check them out.

Princess Leia

Leia commands a Rebel base and evades Vader as she falls in love with the smuggler, Han Solo. The first [version] talked about a princess and an old general. Her lips are exquisite, with a sexy dot next to her little nose. Her eyes are always shining, always classic and sexy. Get this one for you, not only because it’s Monroe, but also everyone will like your taste. 100% cotton fabric, with a 50% discount, 10 colors available, go get one now!

Star War Costumes
There was also the story of two brothers where I transformed one of them into a sister. The older brother was imprisoned, and the young sister had to rescue him and bring him back to their dad. Personalized Print. Free Shipping. Incomparable soft, comfortable and durable.100% cotton fabric, double stitches on the collar and the sleeves. Trust me, you’ll be satisfied. Your friends would be so happy!

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